Infants at The Clifton School enjoy a warm, caring and loving environment. We keep our Infant class small, as we believe that in a small class Infants will thrive better due to the less stressful environment, which can be experienced in larger classroom settings. Our Infant Teachers are well trained and experienced in Infant care, health and safety. The Clifton School Infant Teachers have an outstanding understanding of Infants emotional, physical and social development and consistently offer activities that are geared towards each Infants developmental stage.


Our Toddler Program is divided into three developmental appropriate class rooms that offer the right set-up for each age group (12-18 months, 18-24months and 24-36months). Each class offers a small teacher to student ratio and all staff is experienced, loving and trained on the needs of each particular age group. Toddlers will enjoy developing gross and fine motor skills through specific planned activities. Social Skills develop as they interact with other children in the class. They also will begin to develop a love for reading and language through daily stories, songs, and finger plays. Crafts, activities and playing in our creatively designed centers will also encourage their mental development and problem-solving skills.

Infants through Junior Preschool (3's) use a Theme based curriculum as well as center based learning. Here are a just a few examples of themes offered throughout the schoolyear.

  • My Family
  • Exploring Colors
  • Insects and bugs
  • Animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Great Artists

Preschool and Pre-K Program

Clifton Preschool uses a nationally accredited Curriculum called Frog Street. This curriculum is well rounded and has many well-known early childhood experts contributing i.e Dr. Jean, Becky Bailey (Conscious Discipline), Pam Schiller...Here are few reasons why The Clifton Preschool chose this particular curriculum:

  • Embraces the joy of learning
  • Provides comprehensive, integrated instruction in all domains
  • Values individual differences
  • Uses research-based principals of learning as the cornerstone of instruction Here is a link to Frog Street Press if you are interested in learning more about the curriculum.

Parties & Special Events:

Here at The Clifton Preschool we look forward to celebrating your child's birthday and other special occasions with him/her. Clifton Preschool hosts several family friendly events throughout the year, for e.g. annual Trunk or Treat, Thanksgiving Potluck, Christmas and Spring Showcase and Pre-K graduation. Our unique approach to celebrate and embrace the whole family and their culture makes us not just another child care facility here in Carrollton, but it truly makes us a special place for your child to spend his/her preschool years.