The Clifton School is under the guidance of the Preschool Board. The board works in an advisory capacity to the Preschool Director. The Preschool Board is made up of the Preschool Director and the owners of the Clifton School. The Board meets monthly to review childcare records and to analyze and approve the budget.

About The Clifton School Board:

The Clifton School Board is a small team of highly qualified individuals with an IT background and strong financial stability. This school was started and is continuing now with a Vision to promote Healthy and Homely environment with Personalized attention for Care & Learning.

Becky Bergman (Director)

I would like to tell everyone a little more about me. I hold a BA in Early Education and have a 20 years experience. I am married with three children ages 25,20 and 17.Creating a family friendly preschool is a passion of mine! I love the family environment The Clifton School holds. I am so happy to be part of it. I look forward to getting to know each and every family !

Veena Sirigireddy (Assistant Director)

I have been with Clifton 6 years since it opened in 2012. I love the family environment that the school holds and I enjoy teaching children. I enjoy learning right along with them. I hold degree in Micro-Biology, I became Pre-K 9 years when my children started school. I have two children ages 14 and 12 and have been happily married for 18 years.

Cecilia Rodriguez

I have been with Clifton for almost 2 years now. I have been working with infants for over 7 years and love being an infant room teacher. I have a 12 year old son that keeps me busy when I am not working with my precious babies

Julie Portillo

I have been with Clifton almost one year. I love working with toddlers and watching them grow. Teaching them to love to learn thru dancing, singing and other hands on activities. I am a mother of two children ages 9 and 7 they love coming to Clifton on their days off from school and love being part of the Clifton family.

Chelsea Deteau

I have worked at the Clifton Preschool for almost 2 years now and I am the afternoon Teacher of the Junior Preschool class (3yrs). The best part of being a Preschool Teacher is having the opportunity to watch my students learn and grow. Being a Teacher has been the most rewarding experience and has brought so much love and joy into my life. I am currently persuing a degree in Education.

Neece Green

I have been with Clifton for over 6 months and I love it here. I love the family feel of the school. I currently hold a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and studying to receive my teaching certificate from the St Louis MO University.

Fannely Ramirez

I am the afternoon Jr. Toddler 1 (12-18mth) Teacher, have been working at The Clifton School for three months. Currently I am attending Brookhaven College and persuing a Degree in Social Work. I truly enjoy having the opportunity to be a part of the childrens life as I get to see them grow and learn each day.

Marcela Lozano

I have been with the Clifton family for just under one year. I have been working in child care for over seven years. I love working with the infants because they are growing and learning each day! They make coming to work each day a joy. I enjoy working with our toddlers and help out in with the toddlers when I can. I have seven of my own children ages 45 to 22 and 11 grandchildren.

Jackie Colmenero

I have been with Clifton for almost one year. I love working with the two's and three's because they have so much energy and love to learn each day! I am currently in school to finish my degree in child development and early growth.

Shalini Khetarpal

I teach the Preschool Class here at The Clifton School. I was born and raised in India where I received a Masters Degree in Child Development. I am married and have two children. I enjoy getting to know all the children in my class and help them to grow and learn. I believe that the most important skill to work with children is patience, flexibility and most of all a love for children.

Selina Cotez

I am the afternoon Preschool Teacher and this is my second year working at The Clifton School. I am persuing a degeree in Nursing and will transfer to TWU next Fall. I really enjoy working with hildren, I feel like they have taught me so much and I love watching them learn.